Mint, Lavendar and Lemon Infused water

Let’s talk about infusion. Don’t be scared it’s sounds complicated but it’s so EASY! And the results are surprising to say the least!

So what is an infusion? Basically it means adding fruits, vegetables or herbs to any kind of liquid like water, oil or alcohol and let it sit for a period of time. Eventually, after you have drained the added ingredients, the liquid will have absorbed it’s flavours! Awesome right?

Hot day? Water infusions are the best! Served straight out of the fridge with tons of ice cubes… totally refreshing.

You can play it save and just add some cucumber to your water or you can experiment. I added 1/2 cup of dried lavender, a handful of fresh mint and one sliced lemon to a litre of water.

I put my infusion in the fridge for approximately 25 minutes, drained the liquids and to my surprise ended up with a light pink beverage that really tasted like lavender, mint and lemon!

Next project: Strawberry infused vodka!


One response to “Mint, Lavendar and Lemon Infused water

  1. This sounds pretty amazing. I have a big bag of dried culinary-grade lavender sitting in my pantry in a dark corner, sad and lonely, wanting to be used. And coincidentally I also have a lemon and mint in the fridge. I can’t wait to give this a shot, thanks for the tip!

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