Mango BLT

No plain ol’ bacon, lettuce and tomatoes for me, I introduced some grilled mango and go myself a sandwich party!

This is my take on the classic BLT sandwich. There are just a few ingredients but put together they make one of the best sandwiches you’ve ever tasted. I’ve always loved the combination of sweet and salty so the mango/bacon combination is perfection in my eyes.

On a more healthy note: instead of using mayonnaise I made a spread of yoghurt, mustard and mixed pepper flakes. And I have to say, it tasted just as good.


How to:

1. Grill your bacon. The bacon is ready when it’s crisped up. Once you’ve removed the grilled bacon from your skillet, let the strips cool down on a paper towel so excess fat can drip off.

2. Make your ‘faux- mayonnaise’ spread. Just add some mustard, mixed pepper flaxes and salt to 1/4 cup (60 ml)  of yoghurt.

3. Clean your lettuce and slice up the tomatoes. Try to cut the mango in thin strips.

4. Grill your bread in the same grill pan as the bacon. Bake until the bread has some *crisp* to it.

5. Bake the mango slices until grill marks appear… so pretty.

6. Some assembly required.

Too bad I only had enough ingredients for one sandwich, otherwise this would have been my breakfast, lunch and dinner….


6 responses to “Mango BLT

  1. I cover your tomatoes in your sandwich. I have uninvited fury guest that keep taking bites from my tomatoes in my vegetable patch–even the green ones.

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