Nutty Banana Yoghurt

Breakfast is not my favourite meal of the day. Most of the time I just eat an apple on my way to class or work. Not good! Your body needs more than one piece of fruit to jump-start your metabolism. This Nutty Banana Yoghurt is super healthy and contains enough fruit and fibres to sustain your body till lunch.

With just a few ingredients you will be able to whip up this simple breakfast in no time!
And the best part? No added sugars!

How to:

1. Mash your banana (I like mine kind of chunky)
2. Split the vanilla bean with a small sharp knife, remove the little black seeds and add them to the yoghurt
3. Mix the oats and the mashed banana with the vanilla yoghurt
4/5.  Ground the walnuts till you have a powder
6. Mix the walnuts through the yoghurt.

In the fridge this yoghurt will stay fresh for two days.

You can totally substitute some of the yoghurt with (butter)milk and you’ll end up with a shake!
Breakfast to go anyone?!?!

4 responses to “Nutty Banana Yoghurt

  1. I recently started adding oats to smoothies for more fiber but I like this idea even better. Now I don’t have to look forward to washing a blender when I get home because I can keep the walnuts pre-blended in a mason jar!!

  2. Looks good!! I love the concept of your blog, definitely going to try some dishes because I’m becoming a student myself in a year. greets from the netherlands!

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